We have used Multipro PS+, Protigel, Zerobac, Randmin, Protect, Proviris, ProEms and ProGut of Rand Aqua products.  Before last culture, when all the ponds around us were crashed, our pond alone withstand because of Rand Aqua products but unfortunately we could'nt find the number as we put the wrong seed.  But last crop was damn successful with Rand Aqua products.  We recommend Protect and Multirpo PS+ of Rand Aqua products.  We are one of the happiest customers of Rand Aqua.

Ramayya, Farmer, Kommuchikkala

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We were introduced with two of Rand Aqua products initially and later we promoted few of their other products as well.  We have shops, own culture and hatchery in and around Nellore.  Out of all products of Rand Aqua, we refer Multipro PS+ as the best and we 100% used it for own culture.  Soil and water conditions are much better compared to other PS products in the market.  Other products we are selling and using as well but with limited satisfaction.

Madhav, Madhav Aqua and Madhav Hatcheries, Nellore

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We are running a laboratory in Nizampatnam and we are selling Rand Aqua products from almost 2 years now.  When Rand Aqua wanted to do a culture, we became partners with and did a successful culture by using exclusive rand aqua products at Palarevu, Nizampatnam.  Due to the local cheap market domination, we are not selling Rand Aqu products as we used to but for our own ponds, we still up for Rand Aqua.  I suggest all the products of Rand Aqua besides i used to get supplied with EDTA of such quality and after almost few yeats i got to see that quality EDTA from Rand Aqua.

Brahmananda Rao, Nizampatnam

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I used Multipro PS+, Protigel, Provirus, ProEms, Provirus and Protect of Rand Aqua products.  Out of all i give 100% marks to Protigel and Multipro PS+ is in the next level.  Provirus, ProEms and Provirus are OK but not as expected.  When i call Rand Aqua regarding, they says that the probiotics cannot work 100% before or after the application of chemicals and strong medicines in the pond.  The result of Provirus, ProEms, ProGut are 50% for me.  Protect is one of the best feed probiotic i have ever used.  For our water and soil, i am suggesting Multipro PS+, Protigel and Protect and all are happy with.

Ravi, Technician, Singarayakonda

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When we had issues with White Muscle and it was not curing with regular medication we do, i called Rand Aqua as i referred by someone.  We could cure white muscle within 3 days.  We used to have white gut as well and we have been suggested to use preventive methods by Rand Aqua by using pure probiotics and Natural products which doesn't have any side affects on pond water, bottom and animal.  We could reduce the impact of White gut in our ponds by almost 80% than earlier.  Multipro PS+ is like never before and never after in liquid probiotics for aquaculture.  We recommend Multipro PS+, Protigel, Protect, Cleargut, Provirus and Randmin are best sellers in and around Nellore through us.

Mallikarjun, Gudur

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