Algclear Rand Aqua 




Algclear is the first ever probiotic solution for Microcystis and Algae issus in ponds.  Guaranted results within 72 hours.   


  • Selected probiotic strains, Natural and Herbal extracts. 


  • Kills algae and microcystis in aquculture ponds.
  • Floculates Algae, Microcystis and related.
  • Weakens and leaks our the Chlorophil in Algae and Microcystis.
  • Corrects nutrient imbalances in pond water.
  • Clears water within 72 hours.

Packaging: 1 Kilo HDPE can.

Application: 1 Kilo per acre with pond water.

Notes:  Should not use any sanitizers, chemicals or strong medicines in pon before or after 72 hours of application of Algclear.


0 Ammonia Rand Aqua  

0 Ammonia makes Rand Aqua pride in the way it is designed and formulated.  It effectively works in pond water and removes Ammonia and    Nitrites.  Ammonia will be controlled within 72 hours with guaranteed results and gradually removes Nitrites from pond water.


  • Selected probiotic strains, Natural and Herbal extracts.


  • Effectively removes formed ammonia in pond water.
  • Prevents Ammonia and Nitrites further formation in pond water.
  • Other herbal and natural extracts creates healthy environment in pond.
  • Can be used in both fish and shrimp tanks.
  • Guaranted results within 48 hours of application.
  • Best preventive solution for Ammonia and Nitrite issues in pond.

Packaging: 1 Liters HDPE can.

Application: 1 Liter per acre for cure.  500 ml per acre for prevention.

Notes:  Must be applied during sunny time and aeration must be provided for atleast 3 hours after application.