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Hull is Oil Based Binder by Rand Aqua.  A revolutionary product by Rand Aqua which is never before in aquaculture industry.


  •  Combination of selected probiotic strains, edible oils, binders etc., 


  •  Produced at low pH @ 6.
  • Gut probiotics assorted.
  • Improves feed digestion.
  • Maintains gut pH at desired.
  • Oil based binder which keeps the pellette for long time without spoiling.
  • Stays long and feeds till end.
  • Saves up to 20% of feed cost.
  • 40 times less price compared to present gel market.
  • No strong flavours or colours.
  • Quick binding and drying.

Packaging: 1 kilo in HDPE can.

Application: 1 gram of binder covers 1 kilo of feed.  Add desired quantity of binder to enough water and add to feed.  Let it dry for few minutes and apply.



Multipro PS+ is a water and soil probiotic solution for Shrimp and Fish.  It is the combination of selected probiotic strains like Rhodobacter, Rhodococcus, Bascillus, Paracoccus and few which makes it world class at its best.


  • Rhodobacter
  • Rhodococcus
  • Bascillus
  • Paracoccus & few other selected strains.


  • Controls Ammonia and Nitrites in pond water.
  • Removes H2S from pond and prevents further buildup.
  • Removes blackgill in shrimp within 72 hours.
  • Biodegrades sludge and feed waste from pond bottom.
  • Supress turbidity and purifies pond water.
  • Controls vibrio loads in pond water.
  • Develops plankton in pond water and maintains desired parameters.
  • Regulates pH variations.
  • Effectively works on thick water.

Packaging: 20 Liters HDPE can.

Application: 5 Liters per acre for shrimp pond and 2-3 liters per acre for fish pond at normal conditions.  In case of abnormal conditions, please follow as per your technician.

Notes:  Must be applied with water across pond during sunny time and aeration is must for at least 2 to 3 hours after application.


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