Algclear Rand Aqua 




Algclear is the first ever probiotic solution for Microcystis and Algae issus in ponds.  Guaranted results within 72 hours.   


  • Selected probiotic strains, Natural and Herbal extracts. 


  • Kills algae and microcystis in aquculture ponds.
  • Floculates Algae, Microcystis and related.
  • Weakens and leaks our the Chlorophil in Algae and Microcystis.
  • Corrects nutrient imbalances in pond water.
  • Clears water within 72 hours.

Packaging: 1 Kilo HDPE can.

Application: 1 Kilo per acre with pond water.

Notes:  Should not use any sanitizers, chemicals or strong medicines in pon before or after 72 hours of application of Algclear.


 Boon Rand Aqua

Boon is 100% probiotic solution for pond preparation. Comes with high count of probiotics and will solve almost all kind of pond bottom issues.  No more blading, no more sludge cleaning etc..


  •  Combination of selected probiotic strains, natural and herbal extracts. 


  •  Improves and Maintains pond water quality.
  • Improves immune power in animal that can resist from almost all diseases.
  • Improves digestion by contributing enzymes.
  • Produces anti-microbial substances that kills pathogens in pond water.
  • Maintains stable and healty plankton levels. Improves survival rate by reducing stress in animal.
  • Provides growth factors such as Vitamins, Fattyacids and Aminoacids.
  • Converts toxic gases into nutrients.
  • Controls sludge formation by digesting celluloses, pectins and other polypeptides.
  • Proliferate quickly and cures odd pond conditions.
  • Floculates Algae and Microcystis and maintain water clarity as desired.
  • Correct nutrient imbalances in pond water.

Packaging: 250 grams X 2 in HDPE can.

Application: 250 grams to 500 grams per acre during pond drying or preparation.  50 grams per acre during culture for every 10 days.


Rand Aqua